DonKiss Just A Replacement For Another Love Team In Fantastica?

  • December 26, 2018

While LoiNie, MayWard, and DonKiss may look like the perfect three love teams to put together for a film like Fantastica, it was confirmed by none other than the film’s main star, Vice Ganda, that Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin were cast to replace Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual who were originally supposed to complete the trio of love teams in the MMFF entry.

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During the blog conference of Fantastica, Vice Ganda revealed that the roles of Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin were originally intended for Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual. “Originally, dapat kasama sila [MarNigo] sa love teams pero hindi uubra ang schedule ni Inigo kaya kailangan namin palitan pati si Maris. Hindi na rin siya nakasama kasi team silang dalawa,” shared Vice.


It was just this June when MarNigo was announced to be part of Fantastica but was retracted by Star Cinema just a month after. In the film, Kisses Delavin plays Ariella while Donny Pangilinan plays Pepe. 

Fantastica is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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  • I love Donkiss. They are good role models for this generation. They are both smart and intelligent and have a great chemistry. ❤ They are so blessed and fortunate to be part of Fantastica.

  • I don’t belong to any fandom but beginning to like Donkiss because of there strong chemistry & both are good looking & intelligent. I’ve been watching Playhouse & they acted naturally. I also heard lots of feedback about their movie Fantastica & looking forward to watch here in Sydney with my friends.

  • It is not neccessary to post an article like this since the output has been finalized, materialized and it’s slready showing. Donny and Kisses are meant to play that role, they maybe the 2nd or even 3rd choice, but as far as the reactions of casual viewers are concerned, they made an impact to almost all viewers.

  • Felt sorry for Marnigo for the conflict in their schedule but I am truly grateful that DonKiss replaced them. Not a bad replacement after all!!! Congrats Fantastica Team

  • I cant imagine watching fantastica, without DonKiss. I think they were really destined to be part of that movie, cause there are lots of love teams in Abs Cbn but it was given to DonKiss. And the fact that they were able to portray the role more than what we have expected is something we’re really thankful of plus the good feedbacks from casual viewer. Even i, it was my first time to watch mmff entry because of DonKiss and i think its all worth it , the movie was very entertaining.

  • Bakit kailangan pa ng ganitong article?Para saan? To ignite fanwars again? Please waste your time on making better articles than this.

  • It’s unfortunate MarNigo was not casted. But, very fortunate that DonKiss proved they can easily adjust to their roles. More to that, casual viewers undeniably appreciated DonKiss’ performance.

  • It will NOT be as blockbuster if not replaced with DONKISS! Vice Ganda and the rest of comedians for the LAFFS, while DONKISS for most of the KILIGS!!! Marnigo love team hindi gasing lakas ng DONKISS sa fandom!

    • @anom 6:49pm I am a DonKiss shipper and the fandom is not tolerating that kind of comment especially to people close to Donny or Kisses.Be responsible for ur comment.

    • Wow!it hurts nmn po sa amin as marnigo fans hindi nga po kami sing dami ng donkiss pero wag nyo nmang maliitin ang fandom nmin pasalamat kayo conflict sa sched nila both kaya natanggihan ang role nila wag nalang po magsabi ng kung ano kasi maskiit po eh sa amin…pasalamat nalang kayo feeling nyo naman nag blockbuster ang walwal for you to say that gets mo????😠😠😠

    • @bluebird soriano will you please shut up! Walang DonKiss fans na ganyan mag-isip kaya pwede ba huwag mo sila gamitin para sa pangto-troll. Blockbuster ang Fantastica dahil tatak Vice Ganda yan! And to Marnigo fan/s na nag reply sa kanya no do not believe that troll dahil obvious naman intention nya para antihan nyo ng mas masakit na salita ang DonKiss.