Donny Pangilinan Speaks Up About Love Team Triangle With Kisses and Tony

  • March 15, 2018

Donny Pangilinan has been rising to fame quickly than anyone expected. With his large fan base, talents, and undeniable good looks, he has now released a very impressive first single titled Different Kind of Love. Aside from this, he is currently working on Jose Javier Reyes film, Walwal, with Jerome Ponce, Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, and his rumored love team partner and VIVO Smartphone ambassador Kisses Delavin.

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It’s the first time Donny and Kisses will work on something together, despite their thousands of fans shipping them together for a long time now. The problem is, Donny isn’t the only guy people want for the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate since Tony Labrusca is also rumored to become Kisses’ official love team partner.

#themoviewalwal Day 3: Meet Ruby & Benjie

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After being announced as one of the newest Star Magic Circle members, Donny’s career is about to get even more intense with all the projects lined up for him. Will he be working with Kisses in these projects? So far, no one knows yet but Donny doesn’t see any problem about this seemingly ‘love team triangle’.  “I think it’s okay to work with people. There’s no problem in doing that. That’s what’s happening naman right now. We are testing kasi wala pa naman pong final na love team. We are testing what happens,” Donny shared.

The actor/singer also commented on the rumors that he is using Kisses for fame. “I don’t think I’m using anyone. I think it’s a teamwork. We should all work together. No one’s going against each other. It’s not a competition on who can get there first. I’m just again very blessed that God has put me in this position, and Kisses is an amazing person as well.”

Which team are you on? KissTon or DonKiss?

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