Donny Pangilinan Thanks Kisses Delavin For Being An Inspiration To Him

  • October 22, 2018

After their first project together, Walwal, and now their on-going teleserye Play House, Kisses Delavin and Donny Pangilinan‘s friendship has become closer and deeper. They are obviously more comfortable now with each other, and it’s evident in the ways they interact with each other both on and off camera.

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On an Instagram post, Donny expressed his appreciation towards his new found friend and current love team partner. He wrote: “Just an appreciation post. I’m really proud of this girl. Despite all the negativity in this world, you continue to go on with life with a positive spirit. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Again, I’m proud of you. Sorry if sometimes it doesn’t show, I guess I am really just human and I will make mistakes, and honestly I’m really still not used to this whole thing,”

The actor also went on to thank their fans who support them individually and together. “I just also want to thank the fans who support me and kisses individually and together. Kissables thank you for being there for Kisses. Donkiss thank you for being there for us and believing in this team up. And Donny Fam… i love you. Always will. Thank you for being my source of strength since day 1,”

Donny also mentioned how excited he is to take on this journey with Kisses. “We are both still very new and have a lot to work on. But we are excited for this journey and to learn as much we can. I don’t think you understand how lucky we are to have you all. I’m sorry if again… it doesn’t always show, but you all mean the world to me. And i’m sure Kisses feels the same way. Thank you for never giving up,”

On her own Instagram account, Kisses also thanked the DonKiss supporters for always supporting them. “Thank you for the time and effort you dedicate in supporting me and Donny. I hope you know that you are appreciated. In good times and bad times, just knowing that you are there makes this thing more worthwhile,”

We really can’t wait to see more projects with DonKiss together!

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