Edward Barber Reveals How He Surprised Maymay Entrata on Valentine’s

  • February 19, 2018

Fans and showbiz watchers are always on the lookout for romantic surprises among celebrity sweethearts every Valentine’s Day. Dinner dates, out of town trips, and exchanges of sweet and thoughtful messages on social media are the most common scenarios we see during this much-anticipated occasion.

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But aside from raving and feeling envious about all these mushy surprises, it’s also interesting to know the simplest and most low-key, yet heart-fluttering surprises other stars pulled off on Valentine’s Day.

Edward Barber is one of those guys who wants to keep it simple and special. At a young age, he already knows exactly how to make his family and friends feel loved and valued with his sincere ways, especially when it comes to Maymay Entrata.

In an exclusive interview of Inside Showbiz with Edward on Sunday night, February 18, we asked him how he surprised Maymay on Valentine’s.

“‘Yung sa Valentine’s Day?” he said softly with a smile on his face.

“I knew we weren’t be able to celebrate on the day itself because of taping and work. So the day before Valentine’s, on the 13th, I gave it to her,”  Edward said, referring to his gift to Maymay.

Edward gave Maymay a charm which the actress posted on her Instagram account. Maymay didn’t caption the photo, but many assumed that it was given by her dearest Edward.

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Edward said that the reason why he opted to buy Maymay a charm for Valentine’s is because she had lost her favorite one that she bought in Paris. “Actually nawala ‘yung isang charm nya. ‘Yung pinaka favorite nyang charm na binili nya sa Paris. There was a fight scene in La Luna so [she removed that charm because] she didn’t want it to fall off. So she put it in her bag and then it got lost after,” he shared.

Many young actors his age will probably get their special someone a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s, but Edward did something really different. He considered Mamay’s feelings and gave her a new charm like as if he had given back the one she lost.
“Kasi she was sad she lost her favorite charm. She was super upset about it,” he said.

“Actually, I was planning to give this [new] one for her concert. But I think it fits with the occasion (Valentine’s) that’s why I gave it to her,” he added.

Since the two of them are always together almost everyday, it’s quite difficult to a keep a secret from each other. So we asked Edward how he planned his surprise without Maymay knowing it.

“I didn’t it have the charm with me, my mom hid it because of course she’s not gonna look at my mom’s things. She might look through mine,” he laughs.

“I hid it to my mom and then when I was about to give it to May I said ‘Okay mom, this is the time. I’m gonna give it to her.’ So I took it, I went to her and gave it,” he revealed.

Edward said that his gift comes with an advice. Something that he wants Maymay to take into heart.

“Before giving it, I told her ‘I know you’re upset at the moment, but remember, just because you lose something doesn’t mean you can’t gain something else. Hindi ibig sabihin na may nawala, wala nang darating na bago.”

“Kasi the reason why Maymay loves her charms so much is not because of the [design of the] charms or who gave it, but it’s because of the memory they hold. So when she lost that charm she bought in Paris, I know she feels like she lost the memory of her first time in Paris. So I gave her a new one to remind her that not because the charm is gone doesn’t mean the memories are gone, too,” Edward ended.

Just like in fairytales, Edward sure knows how to make his princess happy.

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  • Thank you our dearest dashing, intelligent and loving young man Edward for the precious gift you gave to our beloved Maymay.

  • awwwe this melts my heart indeed.Edward,I really admire you more for that.We love Maymay so much to the point that we feel all her emotions. So thank you for everything that you do for her.

  • So, nangangalkal si Maymay sa gamit ni Edward? May regular check-up ang bag ni Baby Boy. Mayang kelan kapa naging security guard?

  • I can see and feel how Edward do really care and concern on Maymay’s feelings. He knows when she is upset and happy. He will take time and effort to make her happy. Having a “BestFriend” like him is a treasure. I hope and pray na lifetime na together kayong magkasama. God bless you both and stay humble, healthy and loving. Take care each other.

  • OMG is this for lifetime?Yeah its for real and lifetime itataya ko kilay ko na mala lucifer ang pagkakurba.hahhaha.
    Seriously I admire Edward for being a down to earth lad.Where on earth you can find a guy like him?Maybe there is but very rare especially at his age I cant say figure out if someone exist like him coz he’s suoer extra ordinaire guy fits to very extraordinaire girl.Thats my MayWard ♥
    Both are worthy of our love.Both are lovable, humble and God-fearing