Elisse Joson and Jinri Park Show Off Their Bikini Bodies

  • February 8, 2019

Boys may come and go, but the friendship between Elisse Joson and Jinri Park will stay. The two former Pinoy Big Brother housemates are each other’s Valentines as they continue their tradition of beach bonding. On an Instagram post shared by Jinri, she shared that they returned to the same beach resort they went to last year.

She wrote: “Noticed how we came to the same spot February last year 💕 And I’m wearing the same bikini 😆 My valentines date 👭”

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Jinri Park and Elisse Joson

Their fellow housemate, DJ Chacha joined their trip this year.

Jinri Park and Elisse Joson Jinri Park and Elisse Joson

On another post, Jinri wrote about how she couldn’t believe that she found real friends inside the PBB house. “Who would have thought that PBB could give me something worth more than winning? I can’t believe our friendship is still very strong [red heart emoji] Love you girls and here’s to more fun times ahead.”

We love these girls! Who needs a boyfriend when you got a friendship as precious as this?

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