Elisse Joson Answers Issue About Her Mother and McCoy de Leon

  • October 4, 2018

McLisse has always been honest with their fans. Even now that Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon having difficulties with their relationship, they’re still open about their current problem as they don’t want to fool their fans into thinking that everything’s okay.

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When asked about the issue of her mother not liking McCoy for her, Elisse said that it’s just natural for parents to be protective. “It’s really natural for parents naman to be protective siyempre kilalanin kunwari whoever tries to be with their son or daughter pero that’s really not the whole thing,”

The actress added: “Kaya parang it got too big na parang it’s not even half of the story.”

As for McCoy, he still wants to iron out things between them. “Ngayon po hindi na po tulad ng dati pero siguro bilang lalaki nga po, ako siguro yung kung may dapat mang ayusin, ayusin.”

We’re really hoping things between McCoy and Elisse will be fine soon.

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