What Did Elisse Joson Bring To Turkey?

  • August 8, 2017

In her Making MEGA journey, TV actress and former PBB housemate Elisse Joson made sure to capture all the memories and take photos of the breathtaking scenery of Turkey. Perfect places require perfect-looking photographs, which is why Elisse brought her new favorite phone to the trip: Torque’s EGO Zoom Lite.

Elisse Joson

At Torque Mobile’s launch of the new 700 MHz LTE smartphones along with two new budget tablets held at Francesco’s Kitchen, Torque ambassador Elisse shared why she chose the EGO Zoom Lite to bring along to her once-in-a-lifetime journey with MEGA Magazine. “Sa Turkey kasi, everywhere ang dami talagang mga magagandang scenery, kaya dinala ko yung EGO Zoom Lite kasi perfect for both selfies and travel photos.”

With its 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras, this phone is perfect for everything: be it selfies, travel, food, ootd, and more. Definitely perfect for Elisse’s well-rounded life!

Elisse Joson
Elisse Joson with her Torque Family


Elisse also shared what she loves about Torque’s flagship phone. Of course, for an it girl and on-trend woman like Elisse, only the classiest and sleek-looking phone should be seen on her hands. And for Elisse, that’s EGO Zoom Lite. “Can I just say, sobrang ganda ng design and color niya [Torque EGO Zoom Lite]. Sobrang stylish talaga,”

Elisse Joson clearly had the time of her life in Turkey, and with the Torque EGO Zoom Lite in her pocket, she definitely have succeeded in documenting the journey. We can’t wait for your photos, Elisse!

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