Elisse Joson Opens About Going For Solo Career

  • October 10, 2018

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson were honest that they still haven’t ironed out their conflict. Although they have a movie coming out soon, both of them were also straightforward in saying that they’re ready to take on solo paths for now.

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In a recent interview, Elisse answered that she doesn’t talk that much with McCoy anymore.  “Hindi kami masyado in touch. May kanya-kanya na kasing work. So I think dahil sa time,”

She also expressed that she’s enjoying having separate projects from McCoy. “Yung isa sa mga reasons ko kung bakit it’s good also that we have different projects is kasi mas nate-test yung aming capabilities, kung saan yung hangganan naminkung saan pa yung kaya namin. And I think it’s for our own growth, which is important,”

As for their loyal McLisse fans, Elisse still has so much love and appreciation for the fans of the former love team. “Ako po talaga, I’m really thankful for McLisse, yung team up, as well as the fans talaga kasi sobrang mapagmahal nilaAt saka alam mo yung hindi talaga sila sumusuko, yung patience nila and understanding. So I’m really thankful for the McLisse fans,”

Are you still wishing for a McLisse comeback?

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