Ellen Adarna Calls Out Netizen “Paparazzi”, Netizen Replies

  • May 5, 2018

Ellen Adarna finds herself in the middle of a controversy today due to her series of Instagram Story videos about a young girl who was allegedly taking videos of her while she was dining at Mendokoro Ramenba.

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It all started with an Instagram Story where Ellen showed a boy and a girl who was also dining in the same restaurant with the caption, “When you PAP us, we PAP you. It’s a tie. #PAParazziMoves.”

The girl who was in Ellen’s video, Eleila, later then took to Twitter to express her dismay when she saw herself on the actress’ Instagram Story.Β The Tweet went viral and has over 35,000 favorites and 7,700 retweets as of writing.

Ellen stood by her perception of Eleila’s actions and was quick to reply through a series of Instagram Story videos calling out Eleila for “playing the victim” saying,Β  β€œYour reaction in the video that I took explains it all. Like, you looked so guilty, you didn’t even know what to do if you should pick up your chopsticks. You looked so conscious because you panicked, because I was doing what you were doing.” She continued on the next story video saying, “Girl, you can deny all you want but before your food arrived, you guys knew what you were doing. But whatever, feeling na kung feeling pero β€˜di kami tanga,” dagdag pa nito. ”

Eleila replied to the actress’ rants through a series of Tweets where she tried to explain her side.

As of writing, Ellen has not responded to Eleila’s Twitter thread reply.

Do you think Ellen had reason to believe that Eleila was taking paparazzi videos of her?

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