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  • February 5, 2018


The sweetness and good vibes coming from the Elmo and Janella tandem are not just evident while the cameras are rolling. Their kilig certainly transcends the screen.

Not so long ago, after their love teams in different media networks came to an end, the stars aligned for showbiz royalties Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador. The announcement of their ElNella love team in 2015 came as a surprise to many. Several projects and endorsements later, they are now closer than ever.

During our photo shoot, they were giggling as they struck poses clad in red and white outfits. They also rapped along and danced to the beat of the background music. It was not just the redness of their outfits that exuded emotions during our photo shoot. Their aura as a pair gave off vibrancy, determination, radiance, and joy. They are clearly inspired by each other and are enjoying each other’s company.


Their latest project, the romantic-comedy My Fairy Tail Love Story (MFTLS), has somehow pushed them to the limit. Aside from having to prepare for their acting, they also had to train for underwater scenes. Elmo trained for five days for underwater swimming while Janella trained for ten days for diving and mermaid swimming. It was not so easy for Janella because she was afraid of going too deep into the ocean.

They proudly say that they were able to get past such struggles because of each other’s encouragement. “When we are working with each other, he always reminds me kunwari sasabihin ko ‘I can’t do it na,’ kasi super I used to get really nervous about crying scenes and big emotional scenes. But he would always remind me na I can do it, na I shouldn’t give up on it because this is what I’ve been waiting for talaga. He always reminds me why I did it in the first place,” shares Janella.


Once they have gotten over their shyness, they become more vocal about their love team. Elmo asserts, “Janella deserves to be special because I feel like this year, and the end of last year, I got to know her even more. And you can tell naman when a person really deserves to be treated this way. I can definitely say that Janella deserves to be treated specially.”

Janella comments, “Grabe,” before giving her answer. “He simply makes me happy. That’s it. We’re really happy when we spend time with each other and we just enjoy every moment. That’s it. Tapos we really make sure that we help each other talaga. We are good partners off-cam and on-cam.” They are grateful for the time they get to spend together while on the set and even outside of work. Janella was Elmo’s date to his sister Maxene’s wedding in January.

Photography by Miggy Abesamis / Art Direction by Nicole Villaruel / Sittings Editor Nic Magquilat / Words by Rosy Mina / Special Thanks to Star Magic, Regal Films

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