Elmo Magalona Meets Janella Salvador’s Father

  • March 29, 2018

Actress Janella Salvador has been attending Magalona family affairs such as Maxene Magalona’s wedding, her bridal shower, and more. This just proves that theย bond of Janella and Elmo has gone from friendship to a really deep and serious relationship.

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This week, their relationship just got more personal when Elmo finally meets Janella’s dad. The tandem of ElNella, together with Elmo’s mother, Pia, watched the gig of band vocalist Juan Miguel Salvador. After the gig, the four shared dinner which was really heartwarming to see.

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While Elmo and Janella are rumored to have a conflict with Janella’s mother, Jenine, it’s nice to see that it’s the complete opposite with her father.

We can’t wait for more photos of their families uniting!

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