Elmo Magalona Responds To “Gatecrasher” Accusations

  • January 30, 2018

Young actress Janella Salvador‘s alleged feud with her mother has been a topic of conversation and a long-standing question by entertainment press for a long time now. The controversy started last July 2017 when Janella’s mother, Jenine Desiderio, sent a series of tweets talking about how her daughter can’t follow the two simple rules that she set. She tweeted: “Napakahirap bang magpaalam? 2 simple, basic rules hindi masunod. Kasi ayaw sumunod.” She added: “Nuknukan ng tigas ng ulo. Ang tigas ng loob.” People assumed that these tweets are in connection with Janella’s love team partner, Elmo Magalona.

In December, Jenine also tweeted about a certain gatecrasher of their family reunions. On a Facebook post, Jenine wrote: “How dare you gate crash both sides of our family’s Christmas reunions. Do you really just do this as in come uninvited? And how could you enjoy knowing I did not come in knowing you were there?”

Although Jenine didn’t mention any names, Janella mentioned in a past interview that her love team partner, Elmo, was really invited to come along to their family reunion. Moreover, Janella is now often seen as well at the Magalona family affairs, including Maxene Magalona’s bridal shower and recent wedding in Boracay. The relationship of ElNella seemed to have reached a new level as they are now considered as part of each other’s families.

However, the conflict between Jenine and Janella still hasn’t come to an end.

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A post shared by Jenine Desiderio (@j9desire) on

A post shared by Jenine Desiderio (@j9desire) on

In yesterday’s press conference of their Valentine movie, My Fairy Tail Love Story, Elmo answered the accusations that Jenine was referring to him when she posted about their family reunions’ gatecrasher.  “Wala po. Hindi po ako,” says Elmo. When asked if he thinks Janella’s mother doesn’t like him, he answered that he just wants peace for Janella’s family. “I think naman like I… siyempre, I just want peace, peace lang,” Elmo said.

Elmo also expressed that he doesn’t want to get too involved in Janella’s private family matters. “Ako, like naman what Janella said, like, it’s something that is really in the family so I just try to keep on telling her na I support her naman whatever happens.Like, if it’s part of the family, I don’t want to really be involved.”

Meanwhile, Elmo also shared about what he feels about Janella being included in the Magalona family affairs. It can be remembered that Janella attended the wedding of Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil last January 11 in Boracay. “Yeah, I’m happy na there… may mga moments na ganun. Nakakapunta si Janella sa events ng family ko.”

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When asked about their real score, Elmo said that he’s just happy about what they have right now and that he’s not in a rush about anything. “Ako, I just really keep on telling naman Janella na it will have to depend on her na kung puwede na sa ganyan kasi, like what I said, I’m not really in a rush.”

“Tsaka I’m just really happy na nakakatrabaho ko ulit siya,” Elmo added.

Janella and Elmo star in My Fairy Tail Love Story directed by Perci Intalan which is set to hit the cinemas on February 14.

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