Elmo Magalona Reveals Status with Janella Salvador

  • October 20, 2017

Elmo Magalona was firm in saying that him and Janella Salvador are still just close friends. While some people believe that they are already in a relationship, Elmo insists that he’s still not even courting Janella because he wants to wait for the time that they’re both ready already.

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“Janella is… hindi naman siya super-bata pa, pero hindi din naman yun yung priorities niya, and I respect that naman na hindi ko siya minamadali,” Elmo stated. “Hindi ko siya minamadali, but I’m just happy na meron kaming… we’re both happy.”

Elmo also denied that the reason they’re not yet together is Janella’s mother, Jenine Desiderio. It should be noted that Janella’s mother posted a series of Twitter rant about someone “who looks and pretends to be decent but sneaks behind my back” which many assumed was Elmo.

“Hindi, no. It’s just, really, si Janella, hindi pa siya ready in a relationship, and I totally understand that.”

Elmo clarified that it’s Janella’s decision to not be involved with anyone right now, and that both of their careers are their top priorities.

Janella and Elmo’s upcoming movie, My Fairy Tail Love Story is a hopeful entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival on December.

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