Enrique Gil Hilariously Imitates Liza Soberano’s Famous Poses!

  • March 6, 2018

LizQuen is one of the most successful love teams no doubt, with them headlining blockbuster movies and seryes. What makes them more admirable is how close they are, and how genuinely they show their love, such as when Enrique Gil brought Liza Soberano to Spain last December to meet his family. Their closeness seems to have moved up another level, when Enrique hilariously imitated Liza’s famous poses on-cam for the Quen You Do It segment on Tonight With Boy Abunda! Enrique really knows how his girl acts and poses!

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We were literally laughing out loud when the 25-year-old Bagani star imitated his leading lady doing these poses:Β Liza laughing with her eyes closed, wearing a wide hat and her hair in lush long waves around her (look at the wig Quen wore!); Liza and that gorgeous black and white photo of her wearing a striped cloth over her head (with Quen full emote and awra in imitating Liza); Liza wearing her pink Sunnies shades (with Quen angling his face and the way he held the glasses just right); and Liza playing Ganda on Bagani, complete with armor and bow and arrow (Enrique was wearing the wig with matching bow and arrow props!). Enrique was so effective in fact, he had everyone laughing out loud at his imitations of Liza! And we’re sure instead of being pikon, she was flattered at how much her guy knew her.

Watch the full video from Tonight With Boy Abunda below:

Who do you think is prettier, Liza or Enrique (kidding!)? Looks like Enrique isn’t just leading man and dramatic actor material, but has comedian chops as well! We also love a love team who is versatile and can make fun of themselves!

Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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