Erich Gonzales Dishes Out Her Fitness Routine

  • March 29, 2018

When we think about body goals, it’s Erich Gonzales who instantly pops up in our heads. With her toned abs and slim legs, she is the poster girl for the beach body everyone wants to achieve. And as the new MySlim endorser, 27-year-old actress dishes out her fitness routine.

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This may come as a surprise for some but Erich hasn’t always been this fit and this confident with her body. The model-actress revealed during her launch as the newest MySlim endorser that it was only last year that she finally decided to start her fitness journey and achieve the body she always wanted.

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Most people consider fit synonymous to sexy, but while the two do seem to overlap, these are two very different things.  Sexiness is mostly about aesthetics, whereas fitness is about good health and well being. Those who look sexy are not necessarily fit, but those who are truly fit, are always as sexy as they can possibly be.  mySlim has always been about achieving true sexiness through fitness.

In a media event held at Seda Vertis North, Quezon City, mySlim formally announced Erich as the new face of the brand, underscoring the new meaning of sexy that mySlim has helped define.  With this move, mySlim cements its stand of encouraging women to see beyond weight loss regimens, fad diets, and even expensive and often dangerous aesthetic interventions.

Erich credits her amazing body to consistent exercise and of course with MySlim. Vida Nutriscience made sure that their product was designed using the best, safest, and most effective ingredients that will complement a healthy lifestyle.  mySlim contains Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose which are potent ingredients that help you burn unhealthy fat and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

How about you, who is your summer body goal?

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