EXCLUSIVE: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Donny Pangilinan

  • November 20, 2017

The 19-year-old son of Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan, Donny, is an emerging young artist that we should definitely keep an eye on. Apart from his undeniable charm, he’s also a wonderful musician who captivates many hearts with his singing voice and stage presence.

So…. uhmm… You ready? 🤓#DonnyXOxygen

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On Monday, November 20, Donny was launched as one of the newest faces of street wear clothing brand, Oxygen. Despite being a neophyte in the industry, Donny admited to Inside Showbiz that he’s meticulous in accepting projects, especially when it comes to endorsement deals.

“Yes, [I’m] really [careful]. In everything that I do, it has to really fit who I am because it’s going to be what I’m going to stand for in the future. So It really has to be something that I really believe in. Honestly, [Oxygen] is really the perfect brand for me because the style [of their clothes] is really who I am. Even before, [you can see it] on my social media, you’d see me wearing streetwear.”

Because of his looks, sense of style and astounding talent, it’s not surprising that Donny has a lot of admirers online. For sure his fans, who are majority women, are curious about his real personality beyond the looks and behind the camera.

Here are three things that best describe Donny that you might haven’t heard of yet!

1.) He’s spontaneous

Entering the new year like

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“Wow, first, I’d say I’m spontaneous. I like doing things spontaneously and last minute. People would always get mad at me because I don’t plan ahead of time. Kunwari may magtext sa ‘kin ‘Uy let’s watch a movie later.’ I’ll be so much more game than they say ‘Let’s watch a movie next week.’ I really like doing things on the spot, in an instant. That’s one!”

2.) He has a soft spot

“I really have a soft spot for old people and kids. Every time I see them, I want to help them so bad.”

3.) God-fearing


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“The last one, [I’m] God-fearing.”

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