EXCLUSIVE: Alex Diaz Shares The Meaning Behind His First Single “Dulo”

  • July 4, 2018

Young actor Alex Diaz has become many things since he has entered show business. From doing television shows to bringing his acting chops to the theater stage and even besting many of the country’s men and women who are in top shape in the recently concluded Spartan Race since he has been a fitness enthusiast, Alex has definitely proved that he succeeds in any path that he chooses to go on. Ever evolving as he is, Alex is now putting on another hat, that of a singer’s, one that he has always been passionate about as he releases his debut single entitled Dulo.

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In an exclusive interview, we got to talk to Alex about his single.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: What is Dulo about?

Alex Diaz: Dulo is about falling in love and then breaking up but instead of the being broken after, that person somehow left you more whole than when they found you.

Did you write the song?

Yup, with Keiko Necessario.

What was your inspiration in writing the song?

Life (laughs).

Are there any specific experiences in your life that you used to write the song with?

A couple of experiences. I think the song also speaks volumes of how we just need to trust that God or the universe has a plan and all we have is to trust that whats meant for us will always be ours.

Who were you thinking of when you wrote the song?

It wasn’t really a person. It was more the feeling you have after its over. Sometimes you just ask God why and you pray that it isn’t the end.

Who do you dedicate Dulo to?

Anyone who is going through something. Anyone who is still working on their relationship with God or the universe. Anyone who is having trouble moving on.

Is the slow acoustic sound of Dulo more of your genre or just one of the genres that we should watch out for from you?

I’ve got lots of sounds that I’m eager to experiment with. Acoustic Tagalog songs were always my favorite growing up.

What’s next for you and your music?

I want to keep learning, collaborating and growing! And produce a couple of more tracks before I release an EP.

What do you think of Alex Diaz’s Dulo?

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