EXCLUSIVE: Celebrities Share Their Dreams For The Kids of Bantay Bata 163

  • October 2, 2018

The first ever ABS-CBN Ball proved to be more than just a glamorous party where celebrities could flaunt their most fashionable selves. Throughout the whole campaign of the ball, ABS-CBN highlighted the efforts of Bantay Bata 163 in an aim to raise funds and awareness for its efforts and programs, specifically its current battle against child abuse. In support of this endeavor, most of our celebrity idols walked the ball’s red carpet donning blue ribbons on their suits and dresses. In an exclusive interview with some of our celebrity idols, we asked them: what is your dream for the kids that would be under the care of Bantay Bata 163? 


Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano

Luis: “[To] have a better chance at everything. It’s up to us to give them chances to be the future. We don’t simply expect them to grow up, diba? We want to give them the best possibility to maximize their God given life.”

Jessy: “And the real stars for tonight are them. We, we’re just here, we’re just instruments to help them with the cause. Sila talaga yung totoong stars, yung totoong bida.”

Yeng Constantino

“Na lahat ng bata sa Bantay Bata ay makaramdam ng tunay na pagmamahal. Nakakaiyak actually to know na marami talaga palang kabataan at mga bata na naabuso physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, everything- so sana through this organization, talagang matagpuan nila yung kahit hindi dugo na pagmamahal pero maisip nila na ‘Wow! May ganito pala.’

Alex Gonzaga

“To have a better future, to give them hope na kahit hindi masyadong maganda yung naging childhood nila, theres always a better tomorrow, God still loves them.”

Sam Milby

“I think that’s just one thing that hopefully Bantay Bata will be able to stop child abuse and just for the kids to get the right education, just to give them the hope that they need for the future.”

Morisette Amon

Hopefully we’ll be able to raise as much funds to help out, ako siyempre gusto kong ma-enrich talaga yung education nila kasi although, experience can be a really good teacher pero siyempre iba yung may nagtuturo din talaga sayo sa classroom and just the whole experience of being a student.”

Christian Bables

Pangarap ko lang na magkaroon sila ng magandang future ahead of them kasi deserve ng bawat bata ‘yan. Sana dumating yung time na they feel whole as a person.”

Yassi Pressman

I just hope that they find strength within themselves again. Having a troubled childhood might damage you growing up but it’s important that you find strength not only within yourself but also with the people around you.”

Erik Santos

“Na mabuo yung pangarap nila, kung ano man ‘yun.”

Louise Delos Reyes

“Gusto ko makahanap sila ng pamilya and also gusto ko lang din na sabihin sakanila na ipagpatuloy nila kung ano mang pangarap ang meron sila, hindi ibig sabihin na dahil hindi naging maganda ang past nila ay magtutuloy tuloy na ‘yun.”

Kahlil Ramos

“I hope they get to live a very colorful and creative life. I hope that they get to maximize their imagination so that they could create beautiful things in the future.”

Pat Sugui

“Sana ma-educate nating yung mga kids ng maayos. Na mapalaki sila ng maayos ng Bantay Bata 163. Like what they say, the kids are the future, right?”

Arci Munoz

“Well, my dream is for all of their dreams to come true, whatever it is. And, of course, with the support of Bantay Bata, they’ll be able to somehow reach what they wanna achieve in life.”

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte

Loisa: “Na makapagtapos sila ng pagaaral.”

Ronnie: “Oo at sundan lang nila kung ano ang nasa puso nila kasi ‘di ‘yon malabong mangyari lalo na kapag naniniwala ka sa Diyos.”

Anne  Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

Anne: “I think [my dream for them is], most especially because I work with UNICEF as well, is for the children to always have a safe environment around them. Especially with World’s Children’s Day coming up next month, I think its very important to raise awareness because as you know, with the current state of the nation, there are a lot of kids that aren’t necessarily in the most safest areas or conditions so I think that’s whats most important about raising awareness for tonight.”

Erwan: “When you look at children in need, [top of mind would be] warm food, basic needs, roof on top of their head and then eventually education because I think that’s the most important thing for people to do better [at giving them].”

Sam Concepcion

“I think children should have the right to be children. Children need to play and have the ability to experience life and learn and grow. If there’s anyone in the world who deserves to live and experience life to the fullest, it’s the children.”

James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Nadine: “When I was a kid, I had so much fun. I had no worries, no problems, whatsoever- I was just doing whatever I wanted to do so I think what Bantay Bata is doing is really nice because its giving them a chance to just be kids.”

James: “I wish through Bantay Bata, they find connections that can last them a long time.”

Miles Ocampo

“Ang dream ko for them I guess is yung education talaga nila kasi yun talaga yung importante sa mga kabataan.”

Jameson Blake

“Well, of course, we all want the best for them right? Especially for education and health. We don’t want them to experience the worst that they can experience, so we want to at least enlighten their lives and make them feel that there are actually people out there that are supporting them.”

Chie Filomeno

“Mabigyan ng tahanan talaga. Siguro kasi, yun yung una talagang kailangan ng mga bata: a happy shelter.”

Sofia Andres

“Sana yung education, magtuloy-tuloy for them. That’s the most important thing for me, ma-support yung education nila.”

Leila Alcasid

I would really love for them to be able to have a chance to really grow because I’ve always believed that kids are the future and a lot of people tend to forget that. So I’m very happy that they’ve chosen Bantay Bata for this and I just hope for the best for them that they can have the future that they deserve.”

Kira Balinger

“I would really love for every child to have a good education. Siyempre napaka-importante niyan sa atin, dito sa Pilipinas, and its just fair. Everyone has the right to learn.”

JM de Guzman

“Sana maging mas-guided sila and mas mapunta sa tamang daan kasi ang daming batang naliligaw o naabuso dahil sa maling guidance and maling upbringing.”

Ylona Garcia 

“I think my dream for the kids is for them to be able to reach their dreams. I think dreams is a really strong thing that everybody should hold on to because once you reach something that you’ve worked so hard for, something that you’ve believed in for so long, it’s really fulfilling.”

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson

Bea: “Mawala sa utak nila ang lahat ng abuse na pinagdaanan nila in the past and also sana magkaroon sila ng bagong confidence to start anew.”

Gerald: “Simple lang: to have a better life and sana makatulong kami na makuha nila ito.”

Darren Espanto

“My dream for the children of Bantay Bata is to grow up freely and with an education po and also to be treated like that they have their own family within Bantay Bata.”

Vivoree Esclito and Charles Kieron

Vivoree: “I want them to grow as themselves and I want them t, live in an environment na full of love.”

Charles:  “Gusto ko lang maging happy sila, lumaki sila ng maayos, and makapag-aral sila.”

Kit Thompson

“I hope they get what they deserve and they get what they need. Everyone deserves to be provided housing, food, and healthcare.”

Ryle Santiago

“Siyempre gusto ko magkaron sila ng mabuting education. Siyempre, libre mangarap pero di libre mag-aral so sana maalagaan sila in that sense.”

Kisses Delavin

“My dream for the kids is that when they grow up they will never feel like their life was bad. I hope that someday when they grow up that they will feel like everything happened for a reason and I hope that maging successful sila.”

Ria Atayde

“I guess just a better future for all of them I mean, children are my advocacy also, so it’s nice to see that the company that I so love and believe in also believes in the same cause so I’m just excited to see where Bantay Bata is gonna this time around.”

Alexa Ilacad

 “I dream that when they grow up they will be able to experience having a really good and comfortable life.”

Patrick Garcia

“I dream for all the children to be safe and to be treated fair and let them enjoy being children.”

Jericho Rosales

“It’s just great for me to be a part of this event tonight but you know, education, nutrition, all of these thing. Giving these children not just hope but also equipping them with stuff that they can actually use para sa future nila and I’m willing to help.”

Isabelle Daza

“I would want basic needs for every child, a house, clothing, and to be able to eat and just to be happy.”


Joao: “Gusto ko lang naman para sakanila is to have a bright future talaga. Because since they are kids palang naman there is so much ahead of them pa. There’s so much that can happen to them and I just want the best for them talaga.”

Ford: “That they have an equal chance at success in life. Not everybody’s born into a good life and at least with this charity we could help them out and give them a fighting chance in living their dream.”

Vice Ganda

Sa ngayon ang pangarap ko ay mabuksan siyang [Bantay Bata] muli dahil naisara siya, bago yung mga susunod pa ay kailangang mabuksan muna kasi kahit anong plano mo sa Bantay Bata, pag hindi siya nabukas hindi siya maitutuloy kaya ang pangarap ko ay mabuksan siyang muli.

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