EXCLUSIVE: Coleen and Billy Crawford On Starting A Family

  • June 26, 2018

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, or Mr. and Mrs. Crawford, attended their very first public event as husband and wife since their wedding at the MEGA Millennial Ball. The newly wedded couple looked ecstatic and excited to be back during the ball and happily shared their plans for the future.

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In an exclusive interview, Billy and Coleen talked about how married life for them has been so far. They have recently just moved into their own home and currently takes care of the pets that they share. When asked about the next steps that they will be taking as a married couple, Coleen shares “There are so many micro-steps along the way still, but you know, if you’re talking about family, probably in two or three years from now.”

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We can’t wait to see how cute their kids will be!

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