EXCLUSIVE: Derek Ramsay Explains Why He Took On A Dark Role In Kasal

  • May 24, 2018

In his comeback project under Star Cinema entitled, Kasal, Derek Ramsay says he chose to take a risk by playing the role of Wado. “People might ask bakit ako papayag na gumawa ng pelikulang ito because medyo may pagka-dark side ‘yung character ko. I’m a bit of a bida-kontrabida. My way of thinking is I don’t choose roles na magiging mabango sa tao. At the end of the day, I want a challenging role, something that’s gonna show my versatility.”

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The Metro Manila Film Festival and Gawad PASADO Best Actor says, “My role is very complex. Love can make you do the craziest things. My character is not necessarily a psycho or a bad person but sometimes when one falls in love, one can sometimes get blinded in certain ways that is not usual to you. I had to show that with my character—somebody who has complete control of his life, who was successful but started from nothing. For him to suddenly just become so desperate out of love, I found that to be the most challenging.”

With a role which he describes as a rollercoaster ride, Derek wanted his portrayal to appear organic. “I like to feel it eh. My preparation is more of feeling. I read the script a few times over and I don’t really give that much thought to my character until I get on the set and do the first scene para it’s not mechanical. I want it fresh. I don’t wanna be mechanical so what I feel on that day, I will give it and then I study what I did for that day so that I can keep it for the entire movie.”

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