EXCLUSIVE: JaDine Reacts to Jack Reid’s Infamous Video Interview

  • March 6, 2018

We don’t normally see James Reid and Nadine Lustre react to negative issues thrown at them, especially if they’re from petty and shallow anonymous haters. But when Inside Showbiz asked their opinion about the infamous interview of James’ younger brother Jack, the couple wasn’t able to hide their dismay.

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At the grand media conference of Jack’s upcoming movie Squad Goals with Julian TronoAndrew MulachDan Huschka, and Vitto Marquez, some members of the entertainment press were given an opportunity to ask questions to the young actor alone. However, instead focusing on the movie, the reporters repeatedly asked Jack about JaDine and their living arrangement. Despite being under pressure, Jack was able to dodge the invasive questions of the reporters by simply saying that it’s no one’s business.

At the summer campaign shoot of Folded & Hung on March 01 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, we asked Nadine and James if they’re aware of the incident.

“Oh, yeah I’ve seen it! Oh my god,” said Nadine in a tone of disappointment.

“I saw the interview and then they were asking Jack these questions na parang mapapaisip ka na ‘Wait, are you really an entertainment press or are you from the tabloid? Like why are you even asking these things.’ When I heard the questions talaga I was like ‘Wait, what?!’ Like why?” exclaimed Nadine. “It’s just, ugh, why are you even an entertainment press?” she added.

James butted in and said, “It’s just like a cheap way of getting stories. They’re creating issues.”

“And they like it,” Nadine added.

As for Jack who effortlessly dismissed the malicious reporters, Nadine can’t be any more proud of him. “He did a good job, though! He did a really, really good job!”

“So you guys, just keep on doing your jobs the way you’re doing it. Real content. And then you’ll all be replacing all of those [malicious stories],” James told Inside Showbiz.

“So who easily gets annoyed with bashers?” we asked James and Nadine.


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“Me!” said Nadine to which James strongly agreed. “Yes, it’s Nadine.”

“It really makes me mad when it’s about him, when it’s about my family, when it’s about my friends, and especially when it’s about the stupid things they make up.”

“I hear a lot of things na parang hindi naman totoo which are really absurd. Mapapaisip ka na ‘How do they make these things up?’ There are people who are gullible pa naman, especially the young ones who are going to believe these [fake reports] online.” explained Nadine.

Knowing Nadine who’s very protective of her friends and family, she said that she really can’t stand people who make nasty rumors and false accusations.

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“I really can’t deal with it. Especially if it’s about James, I can’t stop myself talaga [from calling them out]. And kapag friends, I can’t. I really get mad kasi it’s not right. It’s not right for people to say things about someone they don’t know personally. I’m very protective of my family, my friend, and him [James].”

James, on the other hand, simply doesn’t care about all the negativities around them. “I don’t bite when I get like absurd comments and things like that. I know most of the time some people don’t mean it, some people are even paid to do it, so no matter how much I stress myself and worry about it, it’s not gonna change it. You really can’t change these things so it’s up to you how you want to deal with it,” he ended.

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