EXCLUSIVE: Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake Brings The Kilig In “So Connected”

  • May 27, 2018

The summer’s kilig movie of the season has arrived! Starring the new tandem that’s made up of Janella Salvador and Jameson BlakeSo Connected shows us what finding love must be like in the digital age.

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So Connected tells the story of Karter Calma (Blake), a video editor who finds himself being dumped by his girlfriend after finding out that he lost the cellphone that she gave him for his birthday, and Trisha (Salvador), a humble waitress who ends up buying Karter’s lost phone from a kid who found it. The two get connected through a software that Karter has installed on the phone which allows him to see every image or video that is taken through his laptop.

In an exclusive interview, the film’s lead cast shares with us their experiences in shooting the movie and what it’s like to be working together.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: What were your first impressions of each other?

Janella Salvador: Well my first impression is right, he really is quiet. But he’s not naman masungit like super approachable naman siya. We were able to talk naman a bit kasi yung pagkaquiet niya hindi naman masungit. And when we get on the set it all became natural. Like we didn’t really have to get nervous about it and pressure ourselves. Nag-flow lang.

Jameson Blake: First impression– because I never really met her. I mean, I did, but we were never friends talaga. So I’m like “Okay I have to actually put more effort, because I have to get to know her.” Para yung chemistry namin ma-build. But then you know, when we started working together, nung magkasama kami sa isang eksena, it was just flowing lang. Our chemistry was natural. It was really fun working with her.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: What did you guys think of the script when you first read it?

Janella Salvador: What they told me at first was just that they’re giving me a movie and it’s called “So Connected” and it’s going to be with someone else. So I wasn’t sure if I should accept it. Of course its a risk working with someone else but when I read the script, sobrang nandiyan ang story and when I got to talk to Direk he told me na its one of his passion projects and ayaw niya kung sino sino lang yung mag-play ng roles. So I felt na ako napili. I trust in his skill eh, I really hear good things about him, he’s really good. This movie proved it even more na sobrang galing niya talaga.

Jameson Blake: I was like, “this is really interesting, I’ll have to put a lot of effort in this story, it’s really nice so I have to do my best.” May Tagalog siya so I had to study talaga.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: How did you guys prepare for your roles?

Janella Salvador: When I read the script, first ano ko pa lang, I said “This has to be different” I can’t make it just wala lang. Kailangan mag-marka yung character ni Tricia and kailangan super iba sa lahat ng ginagawa ko. Kasi first of all she’s really described as pang-masa and I really had to embody that type of character so I tried observing the lives of people who are not like me. I guess I embodied that kind of character– yun yung inspiration ko.

Jameson Blake: I just kept studying my script. I changed some of the words, words that I’m more cofortable saying and Direk also helped me with my script.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: Do you have any similarities with your characters?

Janella Salvador: Siguro yung budots– joke lang! Yung fun side niya. Because I never really got to bring that out in the past characters, so I’m also glad na they gave me a character like this na offbeat, mas kenkoy.

Jameson Blake: We’re both mahiyain and his perspective sa social media, ganung din ako. I’m not really that kind of person sa social media– just posting for promos. When I read the script, we actually have the same thinking.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: How are your roles here different from your past ones?

Janella Salvador: Most of my roles in the past were either super bait, I mean mabait si Tricia, pero real siya– yung goody-goody o kaya maarte, low-profile. Ito parang nararamdaman ko may personality talaga siya eh, whatever her emotion is, she’ll show it. So I’m glad to play someone na super real lang.

Jameson Blake: Well the character I play for this movie– Karter– is more like me, my personality. First line pa lang, yung dialogue pa lang, 80% Tagalog, usually my roles are English or Taglish.

So Connecetd is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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