EXCLUSIVE: Kiana Valenciano Chooses Music Over Showbiz

  • November 20, 2017

Inside Showbiz had the chance to interview showbiz royalty and rising musician, Kiana Valenciano, during her launch as one of the official endorsers of local street wear brand, Oxygen.

Kiana admitted that she was hesitating at first to accept the endorsement deal because it might hold her back from showcasing different styles: “At first I was a little hesitant because it limits me a little bit to a certain look or style. But I trust the brand. I know they’ll never do anything that won’t make me feel comfortable. The brand gets my style. That’s really what pushed me. I trust the team that I work with,” she said.

Everyone knows that Kiana’s making noise in music industry, not just here in the country, but in other Asian countries as well. Since she’s part of a family of actors and actresses, some people still wonder if she’s still interested in pursuing an acting career.

“[I won’t pursue an acting career] I’ll be in the music industry for sure [5 to 10 years from now],” said Kiana without hesitations. “Whether that be behind-the-scenes writing or producing, I’ll be really in the music industry,” she noted.

Regardless of having an acting blood, Kiana remains focused on music and will always keep on innovating and evolving as an authentic musician.

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