EXCLUSIVE: Kiana Valenciano Shares Story Behind New Misfits Music Video

  • April 25, 2018

After teasing her fans and audiences with snippets of short clips of her much awaited music video, singer/songwriter Kiana Valenciano‘s finally premiered her latest music video for her song, Misfits, the second out of four songs in her EP entitled, Grey.

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One to always surprise her fans, Kiana shows off a completely different aesthetic in the music video and takes her audience on a futuristic ride in the video which also stars her boyfriend, Sam Concepcion.

Just moments after releasing the music video, we were able to talk to her about what may be her most decked out work yet.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: What was your inspiration behind the video?

Kiana Valenciano: My director, Luigi Tabuena, drew inspiration from my lyrics and the 80’s classic cartoon, Jem and The Holograms. He really wanted to portray Sam and I as misfits of the world but also pay homage to the misfits characters of the cartoon.

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What was the story that you were trying to tell in the video?

Kiana: Sam is essentially my creator. And he falls in love with me… thus making us misfits.

How was working with Sam in this video?

Kiana: Effortless and awkward. Effortless because it’s him, awkward because of everyone else in the room.

How do you and Sam express your love for each other? Did you translate that into the video as well?

Kiana: Effort, time, trust, and respect – I believe that’s how we show our love. Does that translate into the video? I don’t know. But that’s the side of our relationship that no one gets to see and I don’t care, as long we both feel it.


What was the inspiration behind the looks that you did in the music video?

Kiana: We really wanted to play around with the Jem and The Holograms theme so our mood board consisted of a lot of 80’s over the top eye makeup and glitters. I’m so glad BYS was a part of this video because they have such a wide range of eye palette collections so we were really able to just play and have fun with all the colors.

Kiana Valenciano

What about the fashion looks? 

Kiana: When the Luigi told me that he got Pam Quiñones on board, I was in total shock. She was able to really unlock and connect with that side of me that loves to experiment with fashion. Not everyone understands how to mix prints and Metallics and different textures to come up with high fashion looks and I think that’s a skill she has definitely mastered, and one I want to pick up!

Kiana Valenciano

Seeing how different this video is from your past ones, can you tell us which direction you are headed now with your work?

Kiana: One thing I love about my three videos is that they are nothing alike. I think it’s also because I enjoy unpredictability. It keeps me on my toes and pushes me to use my imagination and elevate my creativity. So really, I don’t know where exactly this direction is headed, but I’m having fun, I’m learning, and I’m hoping I’m on the right path.


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Photos courtesy of Andrei Suleik.