EXCLUSIVE: Lovi Poe On Helping Coleen Garcia At The #ABSCBNBall2018

  • October 5, 2018

At this year’s ABS-CBN Ball, quite a few celebs arrived late and missed the red carpet festivities and one of them was Coleen Garcia. When the actress arrived a little late at the red carpet, the media assumed that it was because she got caught up with her arrival from Paris Fashion Week of the same day. In an Instagram post, Coleen then explained what really happened and why she arrived late to the ball.

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In the Instagram post, Coleen thanked a number of people that helped her during her ordeal on that day and one of them was Lovi Poe. We caught up with Lovi during Neric Beltran’s show at the MEGA Fashion Week and she exclusively shared how she was able to help Coleen on that day, “We [Coleen and Lovi] have the same stylist, Adrianne Concepcion, who told me that Coleen was having a problem while she was still in Paris. At that time they were trying to look for someone who almost has the same body as Coleen and then Adrianne called me up and asked me to come to Patricia Santos’ studio. So I tried on her dress and it was really really beautiful and I was like ‘Oh my god! This dress is so dreamy!’ and I was telling that to Coleen over the phone,” shares Lovi.

Coleen said nothing but kind words of gratitude for Lovi and even complimented her with how she was surprised that she and Lovi have the same size. Lovi was flattered to hear about this and said, “Coming from Coleen! Coleen is like one of the sexiest women in the industry so it’s very flattering and just to be able to help her with that is actually such a good thing because I mean, sino pa ba magtutulungan kung hindi kami kami lang din naman?”

We stan girl friends who help each other out!

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