EXCLUSIVE: Marco Gumabao Clarifies “Date” Photo With Janella Salvador

  • October 29, 2018

Photos of Marco Gumabao and Janella Salvador has made it rounds on the internet and now fans and netizens are asking, are the two actors dating? This follows after Janella has spoken up about the allegedly abusive relationship that she had with love team partner Elmo Magalona.

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Netizen @babajea2 took to her Twitter account to upload these photos of Marco and Janella who seem to be holding hands while on a date. The netizen did not cite her source of the photos but nevertheless it did make its rounds on the internet.

EXCLUSIVE: Marco Gumabao Claifies “Date” Photo With Janella Salvador

In a text to our team, Marco clarified that what was captured in the photo was not a date. The actor said, “We weren’t on a date. We were a lot eating out lang. It wasn’t just the two of us.”

The photo might have caught the two actors in an intimate pose but then again it could also be taken out of context.

What do you guys think?

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  • Mr. Marco ~ You made mentioned that you’re not on a date with.Janella Salvador when a stolen photo was taken, yeah I would agree that you are with other friends.

    Just an inquiry, if you are just a Friend of Janella ~ Why in the hell is your left hand resting on Janella’s lap and she is clasping your hand at the same time. Male friends do not place their hand on the thigh of their friend especially if she is a Girl ~ Ano iyon nagkakapahan kayo ng kamay sa hita nya. ???

    • You’re putting words in his mouth. He didn’t say anything about their status— because it’s none of our business. 🙂