EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Shares Experience With Carlo Aquino in “Ulan”

  • November 4, 2018

Multimedia Queen Nadine Lustre has been busy filming her latest film Ulan in which she stars in with Carlo Aquino, whose role was originally supposed to be played by Xian Lim.

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Ulan is already in the middle of its filming but fans and netizens are already excited to see the outcome! This is the first film that Nadine Lustre will be starring in without her boyfriend and love team partner, James Reid, as well as her first time to work with Carlo Aquino.

Carlo Aquino
Carlo Aquino Shares Exprience Working With Nadine Lustre For “Ulan”

“He’s really fun to work with. Nakakatwa siya. Yung relationship namin sobrang light lang. We talk and we joke around. Sobrang chill lang siya,” shared Nadine of his co-actor.

Carlo Aquino
Carlo Aquino Joins Nadine Lustre’s Upcoming Movie ‘Ulan’

“I love his acting kasi its very subtle, it’s so real. He’s a real person even when he’s acting, his character comes to life talaga and I love working with people like that kasi I get inspired to act the same way. A lot of people can relate to his character kasi we’re trying to do our best to make it relatable and real,” continued Nadine.

It’s so nice to hear these two topnotch actors getting along so well and even learning from each other! Now we’re even more excited to see the film!

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