EXCLUSIVE: Paulo Avelino and Derek Ramsay On Working With Bea Alonzo on Kasal

  • May 23, 2018

Bea Alonzo is reunited with Derek Ramsay and Paulo Avelino for their latest film, Kasal. 

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She has been paired up with Paulo in the teleserye Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon while she has worked with Derek in the soap opera Magkaribal and in the movies And I Love You So and One More Chance. Paulo states, “I’ve always enjoyed working with Bea. Not just because she bullies me on the set and feeds me or I force her to share her baon.” Kidding aside, he says, “I think that Bea has matured so much from the last time I’ve worked with her. I like the Bea I see now.”

Derek, for his part, admits that he is a huge fan of Bea. “She is one of my favorite, if not, my favorite leading lady. When I was with ABS-CBN, she was always so nice to me. I have always idolized her and respected her. When they said that Bea will be my leading lady, I said okay. I really, really enjoyed working with Bea.”

He goes on, “She just keeps getting better and better. She was already talented back then when we were doing Magkaribal and you can see that she really cares about what she’s doing. When she does a scene and she doesn’t feel like she was able to give her 100 percent, she tells the director. Uulitin nila. And she acts from the heart. She’s a very smart lady. It shows in the way she performs and how she attacks her roles. For me, she’s the No. 1 leading lady out there as of today.”

He adds, “I’ve worked with so many talented leading ladies and all of them have brought something to the table but I’ve been a big fan of Bea and how she handles herself, how she conducts herself in and out of showbiz and especially how she attacks her characters, what she brings to every scene. Kahit na hindi nakatutok sa kaniya ‘yung camera, she gives 100 percent kahit hindi siya makikita. That goes to show that she doesn’t care about herself. She cares about the scene. She cares about the movie. She’s a team player and I like that.”

Generations are defined by icons that leave an unforgettable mark through their work. This generation will remember Bea Alonzo (@beaalonzo), Paulo Avelino (@pauavelino), Derek Ramsay (@ramsayderek07) as the ones who have set the standard in their craft that their younger colleagues will have to live up to. Still at the peak of their careers, the main cast of Kasal share their experiences in pushing boundaries in this year’s biggest drama movie. Read more on the latest issue of Inside Showbiz Weekly on the Flip 100 app @flip100ph Photography by: Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100 @floydjhocson Styling by: Rex Atienza, Miguel Cruz, Bianca Cordero, and David Milan Make up by: Ting Duque, Ayu Manaouag, Jess Matrias and Henry Manaas Hair by: Ayu Manaoag, Jess Matias, and Henry Manas Art Direction by Nicole Villaruel @nixvillaruel Sitting Editor: Vani Altomonte @valtomonte Words by: Rosy Mina @lookingrosy Brand Associate: Walter De Jesus @walterahlen Publisher: Archie Carrasco @archiecarrasco Special thanks to: Star Magic @starmagicphils, Star Cinema @starcinema #FirstOnInsideShowbiz #BeaAlonzo #DerekRamsay #PauloAvelino #KasalNowShowing

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