EXCLUSIVE: Ria Atayde and Joseph Marco Venture Into Business Together

  • July 30, 2018

In the fickle world of showbiz, celebrities are often reminded to be smart with their money. This advice was taken to heart by celebrity best friends Ria Atayde and Joseph Marco who just recently opened their first business venture together named Lab by Eyebrowdery.

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Ria and Joseph have been best friends but being business partners never came up until Joseph asked Ria. “I never had any conversations about business with anyone in showbiz aside from him. And he asked me. It felt right,” shares Ria.

Ria Atayde, Joseph Marco, and their third business partner Klarisse Tabao

From both the actor’s social media, one would be able to tell that the two have a special bond with each other. During the #LabYourBrows launch, Ria clarifies the kind of relationship that she shares with her now business partner, “[We’re] like siblings, almost. Since he’s also best friends with Arjo, he tends to be like a kuya to me too. And though we don’t always see each other, we’re always in touch. Always looking out. Even when we have work, we promote each other’s stuff without having to remind one another. Post about it without requesting. It’s nice.”

DJ Jai Ho, Ria Atayde, and Joseph Marco

Ria’s mother, Sylvia Sanchez, also came to support Ria

Out of the many concepts that Ria and Joseph could invest in, they chose to go with brow grooming as Ria has always been particular with them. “It’s one of the first things I look at in people. So it made sense for me to invest in something I actually like and am particular in. On the other hand, Joseph also reconnected with Klarisse, our other partner, who already had an existing brow business. It was as if the universe made it happen,” shares Ria.

When asked if Lab by Eyebrowdery will be succeeded by other businesses from the two best friends, Ria tells us, “Yes! I definitely hope so. We’re in talks of opening food concepts and other things. We’re both so open and game so it’s cool. Hopefully, the plans come to life!”

Lab by Eyebrowdery could be found in Ayala Malls Feliz.

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