EXCLUSIVE: Young JV On His New Single “Bad For Me” Featuring Vera

  • July 5, 2018

JV Kapunan or more popularly known as Young JV has come a long way since his debut single “That Girl” hit Filipino radio airwaves. Since then he has released three albums and has even branched out to acting as well. While he may have other ventures on the side, he has recently returned to his roots in music and released a new single entitled “Bad For Me” featuring Emmanuelle Vera or simply just Vera.

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In an exclusive interview, Young JV gives us the low-down on “Bad For Me” and the story behind the song.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: What is “Bad For Me” about?

Young JV: Bad For Me talks about how you still stick with a person no matter how bad or toxic the relationship is, why are bad things good for you or why it feels good.

Is the song specifically for anyone?

Well let’s put it this way, it happened na to me before.

What experiences of yours were you thinking about when you were creating the song?  

My lyrics speaks the truth word per word. A girl cheated on me and even though I found out she had another guy, I still stayed.

What is the message that you want your fans and listeners to take away from this song?

“I push you to get a reaction. The only way I know how to love.”

How was working with Emmanuelle Vera on this track?

She is very professional and very talented! She gave this track life.

Will we hear more of you with this sound in your next songs?

Yes, my next sound would lean towards that Toronto feel swag. I got singer and songwriter Briol who wrote records for Zayn Malik and did Music for the show “Empire” helping me with this and Thyro.

Listen to Bad For Me here!

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