Favorite Christmas Song Renditions Made by Local Celebs

  • January 12, 2018

Has it finally sunken in that the holiday season has come to an end? That the Christmas decors are finally being taken down, and school and work are resuming their regular schedules? Here’s a recap of the Christmas song renditions made by local celebs to remind everyone that Christmas in the Philippines truly is the longest Christmas.

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1. Nadine Lustre’s Last Christmas rendition at It’s Showtiemin

The It’s Showtime host did an opening prod on their December 12th episode, singing Ariana Grande’s version of the regular Christmas anthem, Last Christmas. The host also said it was really hard to sing the song but she did her best, and yes, it really showed that she worked hard to give justice to the song.

2. ASAP Jambayan’s take on the ABS-CBN Christmas station IDs

The newest jamming group formed by ASAP made up of Iñigo Pascual, The Voice Teens finisher, Isabela Vinzon, Titibo-tibo singer, Moira Dela Torre, Migz Haleco, Kaye Cal and Zia Quizon gave new flavors to the well-loved ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID songs.

3. ASAP BFF5 sing “Oh Santa!” and “Deck the halls”

Teen sensations Maris Racal, Loisa Andalio, Kira Balinger, Ylona Garcia and Andrea Brillantes came together in their group made in ASAP and they again performed together, this time giving a cute rendition of Christmas songs, Oh Santa, and Deck the Halls.

4. Loveteams KissTon, JameSue, and MayWard’s kilig-filled version of caroling classic, Feliz Navidad

Though newly announced loveteam KissTon has never been seen together in projects, in this prod, Kisses Delavin and Tony Labrusca really let the viewers see the evident chemistry there is between them even if their tandem was just announced and. They made the audience feel the chemistry without even holding hands and just smiling and looking at each other. Also a new loveteam Jameson Blake and Sue Ramirez also made everybody feel the Christmas love with their cute performance. Lastly, one of 2017’s breakout loveteams, MayWard also took the stage and definitely got everyone kilig looking very natural and comfortable with one another.

5. Kira Balinger, Loisa Andalio, Maris Racal and Elisse Joson’s captivating Santa Baby prod

These rising Kapamilya beauties once again proved that not only do they have beautiful faces, but talent as well as they performed a rather jazzy version of well-loved Christmas song, Santa Baby. The girls dressed up in cute santa costumes. If these girls were to sing their way to santa’s list, who could resist them?

It is sad that the holiday season has officially come to an end, and everything is back to normal but rewatching these performances will still make you feel like it’s Christmas. Which performance is your favorite?

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