Four Reasons Why We Loved Mr. & Mrs. Cruz!

  • February 5, 2018

It’s undeniable that Pinoys are hopeless romantics, which is why more and more romantic hugot films are invading our big screens. With so many hugot films to watch, can you still make yours stand out, and possibly make an even better film than the one you’ve made before? This seems to be the case for Direk Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, the new romantic movie starring JC Santos and Ryza Cenon, set in Palawan. The director of the biggest local indie film ever, Kita Kita, has come up with her latest offering, and critics are raving (Rogue’s Philbert Dy has given the film five stars!), while fans got kilig and many found the film relatable.

We at Inside Showbiz Weekly loved Mr. and Mrs. Cruz ourselves. Here are our reasons why (Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.):

  1. The lead characters, Raffy and Gela, could be us or someone we know in real life.

The film is that relatable. True story: Many viewers have posted or said after watching, “Parang ako si Gela sa film,” or “Naiintindihan ko si Raffy.” This writer’s movie companion for example has said that she found Gela’s character to be just like her at times, and even found that she said some of Gela’s lines herself in the past.

Both Gela and Raffy are heartbroken characters played by Ryza and JC, who meet each other in Palawan but are heartbroken for different reasons. When they go soul-searching in the island, they end up in the same tour group where they are also mistaken for a couple because of the similarity of their last names. While their circumstances may not be ordinary, their characters are three-dimensional and realistic enough for viewers to be able to relate. Their heartbreaks and hugot lines may also be something we have experienced in real life, and can teach us and make us reflect on how to handle them.

  1. JC and Ryza give nuanced, realistic performances. Their team-up also have sparks!

We may have seen JC play Ali, the conflicted third wheel of Jadine in the serye ‘Til I Met You, or Ryza play Georgia, the devious kontrabida in Ika-6 Na Utos. Thankfully, the two are able to attack their characters here in Mr. & Mrs. Cruz differently. Both made Raffy and Gela real people, both with quirks, respective humor and moods, and emotional baggage. Ryza, in particular, was given special mention by many critics for her effective portrayal of Gela, especially in a memorable drunk sequence that was particularly challenging to pull off. This, to think that Ryza says she’s so far from Gela in real life, because she isn’t as talkative or as outgoing as her character!

And for those wondering if JC and Ryza can pull off playing lovers on-screen, to think that they’re not a love team and they have their significant others in real life, yes, the two have chemistry and are believable as an on-screen couple. The two had viewers cheering for them, and are even hoping for a sequel to the movie (hopefully set in Batanes this time?)!

  1. The beauty of Palawan is a sight to behold.

Popular and picturesque locations are now usually where romantic films are shot, and can be said to be another character in the film as well. There was Sagada in That Thing Called Tadhana, Barcelona in Barcelona, Sapporo, Japan in Kita Kita. One can say that Mr. & Mrs. Cruz followed that trend, with the film being set in Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido in Palawan. Of course, seeing Palawan’s majestic limestone cliffs and pristine waters is always a treat but Direk Sigrid was also able to integrate the location into the story. She makes use of elements (such as clownfish) and uses them as plot devices in the story. Which brings us to our next point.

4 Days nalang!!!! Makikilala nyo na ang #mrandmrscruz. ☺️

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  1. The storytelling is superb. It’s a clever film with twists within twists.

With the huge success of Kita Kita, it’s no secret that Direk Sigrid is a talented storyteller. She does the same for Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, and has crafted a substantial story.

The film may also remind you of other hugot films like That Thing Called Tadhana or Before Sunrise where there are two people (probably heartbroken) talking for majority of the film. Direk Sigrid is still able to execute her own version of this story however (she also adds that she has a more theater approach to Mr. & Mrs. Cruz) providing details and nuances unique to the film. There are twists to this film that can impress viewers once they understand how the pieces fit together in the end. One will realize why this element is used for example; most probably, it means something and is connected to something else in the film.

Another notable thing about the film is its ending. We won’t give it away but one can say that Direk Sigrid is clever enough to craft a “twist within a twist” so to speak. When one sees that the ending is not the unconventional one, another twist occurs that totally puts it in another direction so to speak. Direk Sigrid really has a knack for the unpredictable.   

The fact that the script is intelligent and humorous also plays a big part as to why this film is likeable and worth remembering. One may never look at clownfish, particularly Nemo, the same way again (Who knew clownfish could be so symbolic and smart?), and you’ll end the film wanting your own Nemo if you haven’t found him or her yet. The topics in Raffy and Gela’s conversations can be quite substantial as well, and range from literary like Romeo and Juliet to more reflective ones, like if marriage and commitment are needed. Even something as disgusting as vomit is given new life in this film, and will probably go down as one of the most hilarious scenes in Filipino rom com history.

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz is still showing in theaters nationwide.

 Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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