Gab Valenciano Shows Us How He Drinks His Gin

  • June 12, 2018

Last Friday, the world celebrated World Gin Day and of course, the Philippines joined in the party. Ginebra San Miguel threw a party to commemorate the love of Filipinos for gin which drew a crowd composed of Gab Valenciano, Will Devaughn, Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, and more. In the midst of the party, Gab Valenciano took us aside and showed us the way he drinks his gin, which according to him, he got from his Bicolano roots.

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Gab Valenciano

Making the drink is pretty simple, all you will need is some ice, two slices of kalamansi, Ginebra San Miguel Gin, and two sliced up red silis. However, Gab drinks his with three slices of sili. “I love the taste of it, it has a good kick to it,” says Gab.

Other lovers of the clear colored alcohol that we saw in the event were:

Myrtle Sarrosa

Will Devaughn

Sam Ajdani

Christian Busby

The Philippine Azkals

How did you celebrate World Gin Day?

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