Gabbi Garcia Has Tips on How You Can Survive Valentine’s Day

  • February 13, 2018

Valentine’s day is coming up and while some already have plans and already have restaurants booked, there are still some who have no idea what to do and how to avoid the romantic holiday. Thankfully, Kapuso star Gabbi Garcia has some tips for the singles on how to survive this very hard holiday.

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In the GMA online series #Goals, even though Gabbi will probably spend her Valentine’s with love team partner Ruru Madrid, she still had tips for us who had no idea what to do!

Here is Gabbi Garcia’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide:

Gabbi’s #1 Tip: Don’t panic!

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According to Gabbi, the first thing to take to mind is to not panic about this romantic holiday. “February 14 is just another holiday,” the Encantadia star said. She recommends treating yourself instead and remind yourself that it’s okay to be alone. Don’t let the amount of flowers, chocolate, and cute couples pressure you this day. Relax and don’t think about it too much.

Gabbi’s Tip #2: Stay away from social media

On Valentine’s day, social media will surely be full of sweet messages and photos of deeply in love couples so if you don’t want any of those on your sight, it’s best to take a break from scrolling down your news feed. “Nandon lahat ng mga declaration of love nila at kung ano ano pang mga natanggap nila so wag ka muna mag social media. Trust me,” Gabbi said. Looking at all these romantic gestures on social media might just unleash your bitterness so just turn off your phone for the meantime and enjoy your down time.

Gabbi’s Tip #3: Focus on yourself

It’s very easy to get the impression that Valentine’s day is only for couples, but don’t let yourself believe that. Own February 14th by focusing on yourself. According to Gabbi, it would be nice to pamper yourself, watch a feel-good movie, or binge watch a new series. But when choosing which one to watch, steer away from the romantic ones. The Encantadia star personally recommends Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Orange Is The Black, and more. Gabbi also recommend to buy yourself your own Valentine’s gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be flowers, but just something that will definitely make you happy. Probably that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for a long time now or a that pretty bag that’s on sale. Reject the notion that Valentine’s is only about receiving a gift from a special someone. Buy yourself something instead!

Gabbi’s Tip #4: Have a single’s sleepover

If you can’t have a romantic and intimate Valentine’s date, why not have a fun GALentine’s night instead? Get your single gals and have a single’s sleepover. If you don’t really want to spend this night alone, you can always count on your friends to help you enjoy the night. Plan a fun night out or just simply stay the night. Whatever you choose, it will surely be fun in the company of your favorite girl friends.

Take Gabbi’s tips and don’t sulk or get bitter on the sight of sweet couples. Enjoy this romantic holiday by focusing on yourself and bonding with friends!

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