Gabbi Garcia To Focus More On Her Music

  • October 16, 2018

Gabbi Garcia is known for many things, chief among them is her talent when it comes to acting. Being the multi-hyphenate that she is, she has grown as an artist and started to share her musical side to her fans just last year. Her first self-produced single All I Need was received positively by both fans and critics so it is no surprise that many have been asking for more music from Gabbi and that’s exactly what she plans to focus on in the coming months.

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Last Thursday, Gabbi was announced as the new IT Girl of Sony Extra Bass where she joined DJ Rammy Bitong and dance crews A-Team and U-Peepz to complete the Extra Bass Crew.

Gabbi Garcia

In a sit down interview with Gabbi, we were able to ask her what her plans are now that she’s part of the Sony family. “Sony is something personal to me kasi its attached to me eh,” says Gabbi. “Music is attached to me and I’m really excited and overwhelmed na they invited me to be part of their family because music is such a big part of me.”

To be working with Sony has always been a dream for Gabbi as she has been knowledgeable of the brand ever since she was young. “Sony has been here since forever and we all have our Sony stories,” says the young actress.

Gabbi Garcia

The big sound giant has big plans for Gabbi and she’s over the top with excitement with what’s to come for her, “I’m really excited to be working with them. We have upcoming mall shows and we have coming campaigns that really relate to my music. What I like about them kasi talagang they are launching me as someone who loves music. I’m gonna be having a concert early next year so for sure Sony is gonna be part of that,” shares Gabbi.

Gabbi Garcia

We definitely can’t wait with what Gabbi and Sony will be coming up with in the next months!

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