Get To Know The Roles of Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson In “Between Maybes”

  • March 21, 2019

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson are gearing up for their first movie team-up in Black Sheep’s Between Maybes. The announcement for the project was only released a few days ago but we’re already excited for what’s to come! Black Sheep has released new material featuring Julia and Gerald which gives us a sneak peak into the characters that the two actors will play.

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Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto are set to star in their first film together and now we have more of an idea about the characters that they’ll be playing!

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson

Here’s what we know so far: Julia Barretto will be playing Hazel Ilagan, “a famous actress back in the Philippines. Hazel is the type of girl who has no control over her life and her career,” the actress shares. Julia shares that when she first heard about her character, she was already able to have a soft spot for her and understood how she came to be the way that she is.

Gerald Anderson, however, will be playing Louie Puyat, the exact opposite of Julia’s character Hazel. Louie is the simple son of two OFW’s who have been deported back to the Philippines. The actor shares that he thinks that the base of this film is how isolating yourself sometimes from the many noises of life can help once again find yourself.

He also shares that he’s excited about this film because of the change of scenery that he’ll be in as compared to his last films.

Watch Gerald and Julia talk about their characters below:

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