Girls of Bloody Crayons Share Their Personal Responsibilites

  • July 7, 2017

As young actresses with so many responsibilities, Janella Salvador, Jane Oineza, Sofia Andres, and Maris Racal shared their experiences as young career women.

Janella Salvador said that even though her mom is still in charge of the bills, she sometimes insists on taking care of other finances like her brother’s tuition fee and the things that she can already afford. Sofia said that she and her dad help each other and that she was just glad that her siblings are done with school.

Jane said that there has been no big change of responsibility since she started young in the industry, but she feels pressured when she got older because expectations began to to pile up. And lastly, Maris mentioned that she was the breadwinner since she stays here in Manila and her family is in Davao so she takes care of her own needs and strives to be an independent woman.

When it comes to boys, Sofia said that her parents are very supportive when it comes to her work with Diego Loyzaga but still of course, they are guiding her and telling her to just build friendships for now. Janella, on the other hand, denied the rumors of her and Elmo being an official couple.

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