Gretchen Barretto Mocks Kris Aquino With Parody Of Nicko Falcis Phone Recording

  • January 21, 2019

Gretchen Barretto took another swipe at Kris Aquino when she posted a parody video of the Queen of All Media’s leaked phone recording with Nicko Falcis.

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It seems like the feud between Kris Aquino and Gretchen Barretto is just starting to heat up! Netizens took notice of how Gretchen publicly showed her support towards Nicko Falcis, Kris’ former business partner. Nicko is currently in a legal battle with Kris for allegedly misusing funds intended for Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP).

Gretchen Barretto

In an Instagram Live session last week, Kris mentioned that she does not acknowledge Gretchen’s “involvement” in her issue with Nicko Falcis simply because the legal issue does not concern her directly.

Gretchen fired back at Kris, posting a lengthy Instagram Live of her own. She talked about how Kris is more of a “sawsawera” than she is. “Ladies and gentlemen, ano ba ang sinasabi ng ating pinakamamahal na Drama Queen na si Kris Aquino? Ang sinasabi niya eh, nadamay siya. Hindi po siya nadamay, idinadamay niya ang sarili niya. Kung sinasabi niyo na sawsawera ako, mas sawsawera siya. Hindi po ako nagsasawsaw sa suka kung hindi niya isinawsaw ang kanyang buhay sa aking buhay. Ako po ay nananahimik, matagal na. When she was in power, ladies and gentlemen, isinawsaw niya ang kanyang fingers sa aking buhay many times over,” stated Gretchen.


Gretchen also mentioned a certain Alice Eduardo, a common connection she shares with Kris. According to the actress, Kris helped Alice with her taxes when the Aquinos were in power.

In a separate Instagram story, Gretchen continued to mock Kris’ leaked phone call with Nicko Falcis where the Queen of All Media could be heard making grave threats towards her former business partner. In the clip, Gretchen could be heard copying Kris by saying, “Dare to step in this country, and you will be dead! Papapatay ka ng pamilya ko.”

The Instagram story clip has since then been taken down.

Where do you think this feud between Gretchen and Kris will go?

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