Gretchen Barretto Shows More Support For Nicko Falcis Vs. Kris Aquino

  • January 16, 2019

Gretchen Barretto has now been more vocal in showing her support for Nicko Falcis against Kris Aquino. The actress publicly expressed her disdain for Kris in a series of social media posts after a leaked phone recording of the latter made its rounds on the internet.

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As the public legal battle between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis continues, more and more people are showing who’s side they’re on. Last week, Gretchen Barretto showed her support for Nicko in an Instagram story calling out Kris for being a bully towards her former business partner. Now, La Greta has shared more of her backing for Nicko in the wake of a leaked phone recording of Kris making death threats towards him.

Nicko Falcis Vs. Kris Aquino

Nicko Falcis Vs. Kris Aquino

Nicko has also been vocal in thanking Gretchen for her support amidst everything that has gone down between him and Kris by mentioning her in his social media posts.

Kris has addressed why she is not making a big deal out of Gretchen supporting Nicko in an Instagram Live video last night. The Philippine Queen of All Media said that she is not bothered by La Greta siding with Nicko simply because she isn’t involved in the issue in the first place.

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It seems like this very public battle between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis isn’t dying down anytime soon!

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