Gretchen Barretto Sides With Nicko Falcis vs. Kris Aquino

  • January 7, 2019

Much to everyone’s surprise, Gretchen Barretto expressed her support and sympathy to Kris Aquino‘s former managing director Nicko Falcis. It can be remembered that Kris filed 44 counts of Qualified Theft against the financial advisor. Nicko also claimed that the TV Host and actress threatened to have him killed once he comes back in the country.

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On January 5, Gretchen posted a screenshot of a headline about Kris Aquino’s alleged threats against Nicko. On her caption, Gretchen wrote: “I feel for mr. Nicko Falcis after reading this article. I salute him for his courage to speak the truth , fight for his family name & reputation inspite of the threat to his life No to bullies!!!! STOP POWER TRIPPING”

Gretchen Barretto


Kris took notice of Gretchen’s post but seems unaffected. According to her, she’s “chill” about it. The TV Host and now digital superstar replied to a netizen and pointed out that she’d rather remember Gretchen as someone who supported her mother on 1986.

She wrote: “In this issue, I shall choose to look back on the year 1986. Gretchen Barretto may dislike me now, but she campaigned for my mom against the Marcoses. Dedma na sa pagtingin niya sa akin. I have stated this time and again– I can look beyond insults against me because it’s part of the territory. But if my mother was treated with respect and my sons weren’t hurt, I am chill. So if I can be chill, maybe all of you should be too?”

Gretchen Barretto

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