Heart Evangelista Forgives Former Bully

  • August 24, 2018

We have all gone through bullying but it might be hard for us to imagine that our celebrity idols, who seem like they are untouchable by bullies, have also gone through this at least once in their lives. Take it from Heart Evangelista who has just recently forgiven a bully who was way back from her past.

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Last Thursday, Heart posted a series of screenshots on her Instagram story showing an apology message from someone who bullied her during her childhood and her message of forgiveness towards this person afterwards.

With the thousands of direct and personal messages that Heart gets every day, it would seem like this one really stood out as it was something that Heart wasn’t expecting but needed instead. Heart then posted the same photo with her reply saying, “This made me cry. You are amazing. God bless you! P.S. I always wanted to be a friend.”

And last of the photos posted by Heart on the issue is one of her younger self with the caption, “You made this girl very happy.”

We can’t help but smile with this story! How heart warming!

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