Here’s Our First Look at Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake’s First Film Together

  • March 16, 2018

Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake may look like an unlikely pair at first, but now that we’ve seen the first trailer of their upcoming film So Connected, it goes without saying that the two have an undeniable chemistry onscreen. No one anticipated this pairing, especially Janella is pretty much committed as a love team partner to Elmo Magalona, but it seems like this pairing might actually work.

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Mercury is Mine and 100 Tula Ni Bela director Jason Paul Laxamana tells a story of two people who get connected through a stolen phone. Through twisted fate, Jameson’s stolen phone somehow ended up on Janella’s hand. With an app that tracks his phone’s content, Jameson gets to watch Janella and all the photos and videos she make. Because of this, Jameson’s character feel connected to Janella despite being strangers.

“There are strangers we think we know, because we see their lives all the time. Strangers with whom we feel, so connected,” says Jameson’s character.

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Watch the full trailer below:

Are you guys excited for this?

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