Highlights of Maymay Entrata’s Solo Concert!

  • February 24, 2018

It was the biggest night for one of the newest princesses of local showbiz, and Maymay Entrata slayed it! Her first-ever solo concert at KIA Theater last night was so successful, it was sold out!

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Here are our favorite partsΒ The Dream: Maymay in Concert:

  • Her solo dance numbers where she danced her heart out.

Maymay was really on fire that night. Here’s one of our favorite videos of her where she even did belly-dancing!

  • When Maymay went out of her comfort zone and actually rapped!

Expect more surprises from this talented girl! Maymay rapped during that night and gave a great performance (she gave Nicki Minaj a run for her money!)! We loved the funky hot pink wig, too, because it totally suited Maymay!

    • Her gorgeous costumes.

From sexy fringe numbers to gorgeous ball gowns, Maymay had a variety of outfits that showed off how much of a versatile star she was that night!

  • Her awesome collabs with various stars and the love they showed for her!

We loved how a newbie like Maymay can keep up with performer veterans like Enchong Dee and 4th Impact! Maymay truly has talent!

Even fellowΒ PBB housemate, Marco Gallo, penned his support and love for his dear friend Maymay, through his Instagram! This is too touching, Marco!

  • And of course, the too romantic Mayward moments!

Respeto sa mgaΒ single as they like to say! Mayward really sent everyone swooning, they were so romantic and affectionate, even on-stage! Their dance moves, their PDA (Edward lying on Maymay’s lap!) all scream of how fond they are of each other. And Edward even went up to Maymay before a solo prod to wipe her face! No wonder fans can’t get over it.

  • And the fact that there was no dull moment that night and Maymay truly showed what talent she has as a performer! Just read the opinions of these netizens and bloggers.

Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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