Inigo Pascual Says I Love You To Maris Racal

  • May 22, 2018

Inigo Pascual surprised everyone including his love team partner Maris Racal when he said the three magic words to Maris and got down on one knee and presented her a ring at Just Love Araw-Araw Fan Meet on Saturday, May 19. The very romantic gesture startled the young actress and made her blush and eventually, she said it back.

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After getting down on one knee, Inigo promised Maris that he will always be her number one supporter.

Just like everyone in the audience, Maris couldn’t believe what was happening. “Wait lang, ganito pala feeling ‘pag may lumuhod sa harap mo […] naiiyak ako,” she said.

After collecting her composure, Maris was finally able to say the words back which made everyone scream and jump of kilig.

Does this mean they’re officially together now?

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