Is Iñigo Pascual Quitting Showbiz?

  • July 26, 2016

In a recent interview with Piolo Pascual at the launch of his Sunlife Financial campaign, the Kapamilya screen idol talked about his son, Iñigo Pascual. Turns out, based on his revelation Iñigo is set to get back to schooling full-time.

Fans know that father and son share a close bond with each other. Piolo shared how happy he was to be getting back into his showbiz schedule after a 2-month long faith-based short course he took abroad. He also disclosed how happy he was being back home with his son.


Piolo shared, “Iñigo is already of age. He’s 18. Actually, when I am here in country, we don’t get see each other often. But when I was abroad, we were texting each other every day. So it was like I was just around. We got even closer while I was away.”

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Piolo further explained, “He surprised me when I arrived. He was at home when I got in. He’s been spending time with me ever since I arrived. He even cancelled one job because he wanted to spend time with me. We’ve been spending time together so I am really happy because he’s around.”

Piolo then declared that Iñigo is set to study business for college. “Yes, he’s taking up a course. He’s going into first year college. I’m so excited. Yesterday, while we were biking, we talked about where he’s going to study. He’s excited to go back to school.”


When asked which school his son is going to, Piolo disclosed, “Pinagpipilian pa.” He also confirmed that it’s going to be a regular school. “Yes. He’s taking up a regular course; he’s going to have a regular sked.”

Does this mean Iñigo is going to give up showbiz for good? Is he going to cut back on his showbiz commitments to prioritize his studies? As to how Iñigo is going to juggle school and showbiz as he sets out to accomplish this goal, it all remains to be seen. But we wish the young man all the luck.

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