Is Pia Magalona Accusing Janella Salvador of Having Personality Disorder?

  • October 26, 2018

Merely hours after Janella Salvador spoke up about the alleged abusive relationship that she had with Elmo Magalona, the latter’s mother, Pia Magalona, posted a cryptic tweet about personality disorder that wasn’t directed to anyone which left netizens wondering- to whom was she referring to?

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Elmo Magalona’s mother, Pia, took to her Twitter account to tweet about personality disorder but did not tag anyone. In the tweet Pia said, “In borderline personality disorder, devaluation often alternates with idealization. They may shift from great admiration for a loved one — idealization of that person — to an intense anger or dislike towards that person — devaluation of that person.”

She also linked an article that talked about devaluation and idealization in borderline personality disorders from which she got the tweet from.

The timing of the undirected tweet made many wonder if Pia was pertaining to Janella as the article talked about devaluing a person.

Who do you think Pia was referring to with her tweet?

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