Is Pia Wurtzbach Ready To Settle Down With Marlon Stockinger?

  • June 21, 2018

It’s no secret that Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger really is the power couple in town. With Pia’s beauty and wit and Marlon’s charm and enigmatic presence, it’s hard not to wish to have the kind of relationship they have. They definitely look like the perfect fit for each other which makes everyone wonder if they’re already planning on settling down together.

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May I have the first dance?

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In their recent press interview as the newest ambassadors of premier spa and lifestyle brand, Blue Water Day Spa, Pia and Marlon gamely answered questions from the press about their long term relationship. Pia even revealed that Marlon spends a lot of time on skincare and she even teases him as Marlene because of being very conscious with his skin.

Marlon also shared that Pia has been going to the gym now more than him. And that as a couple, they are very competitive with each other, even keeping a score board of who works out more.


As very busy individuals, the couple always make time to retreat to BlueWater Day Spa to de-stress and pamper themselves. According to Pia, her favorite treatment is Deep Tissue Massage, along with Botanic Milk Scrub. “After just one session, the skin feels tighter and baby smooth,” Pia exclaimed.

As for Marlon, he schedules a regular Deep Tissue Massage and Athlete’s Massage after his trips and training. “With the athlete’s massage, my recovery time becomes much faster and I feel stronger, which is crucial when I’m training,” Marlon said.

When asked if they’re already thinking of marriage, Pia answered: “Not in the near future, no. We’re not there yet. I still feel like we want to achieve a lot individually. Marami pa kaming plano individually. Marami pa kaming gustong ma-achieve, ako sa career ko and siya sa racing career niya,”

Marlon shared this sentiment, saying: “For me, honestly, like in our relationship, it’s working well. We’re working together. We’re very happy. I think we’re just gonna focus on our careers, support each other. And you know, somewhere down the road, that might come along,”

For Marlon and Pia, they’re enjoying their time together with no pressure of the future.

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