“I’m lucking that Erwan is treating Jasmine like his own sister” says Anne Curtis

  • January 27, 2016

A screenshot of Jasmine Curtis-Smith together with her sister Anne Curtis‘ boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff, surfaced around social media.

In the photo, Erwan is seen hugging Jasmine from the back and giving her a kiss on the cheek.  The sweet Snapchat screenshot eventually made the people conclude that there’s something going on between the two. Some netizens are saying that the photo is ‘too intimate.’

The now deleted Snapchat video is being scrutinized and being said to be malicious.

Subsequently after the incident, Solenn Heusaff, sister of Erwan, and Anne herself sounded off their own opinions in their social media accounts, all of which are wishing the issue to stop.

Heussaff, stated in her Instagram account:

“parang u all were there no? Anne was sitting on me right bellow them. So dont assume and dont act like u were there please. Jasmin is like a sister to erwan so its the same thing.”

solennAnne Curtis felt like the issue is getting out of hand by saying:

“It was all an inside joke between my boyfriend, my sister, myself and everyone at the party. My private account was wrongly screencapped and this is becoming ridiculous…”

“Nothing happened, we are all fine. I’m lucking that Erwan is treating Jasmine like his own sister. He has known her since she was 13. So Please, STOP… ”

“Don’t perverse their relationship. I mean seriously. This is a non-issue.”anne curtisAccording to Anne, they deleted the posts because people are reacting maliciously to it, as written on her tweet; she said that she is deeply saddened about the “viciousness” being surrounded to the people she loves.

Erwan Heusaff has yet to comment on the issue.

If you are an avid Curtis-Smith fan and if you follow them on their social media accounts, you can probably notice that this is not actually the first time Jasmine and Erwan posed in a picture or video together, even Anne herself posted some of it herself.


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