JaDine Gets Featured In An International Publication

  • January 4, 2018

2018 is off to a great start for James Reid and Nadine Lustre as they were once again featured in an international publication. After getting the attention of Teen Vogue and was called the Filipino love team you need to know about, now, JaDine has been tagged by Billboard as game changers and “not an ordinary pair”.

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The article, released on January 2, cited how JaDine has been using music to change the way our culture views relationships. “We’re expected to be perfect on and off-screen,” James told Billboard. “I want to break out of that. Love teams are the very core of Philippine show business, but I want to re-define its meaning. I feel like we’ve been commercially molded to be this flawless couple, but I hope to give people something more.”

A post shared by James Reid (@james) on

A post shared by James Reid (@james) on

The power couple is determined to change the landscape of music and break out of the stereotype of love teams. Moreover, James revealed that he’s already working on the follow up of his highly-successful 2017 album, Palm Dreams. “I’m also working on my new album that will come out next year. I found my voice now, so I need to take this opportunity to show people the change in the Philippines’ music scene,” Reid announced.

JaDine is already getting the attention of international scene and we couldn’t be any more proud. Congratulations, James and Nadine!

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