Jake Cuenca on Local Magazines: “Same thing over and over again”

  • July 16, 2017

On July 11, Tuesday, actor Jake Cuenca posted a tweet questioning the credibility of fashion magazines in the country. Jake said that there was no particular magazine he was referring to. The actor said that he just wishes the magazines here evolve because he felt that we are being left behind.

Jake also mentioned in the interview that he uses magazines for inspiration that’s why he wanted some variety. “How can you be inspired if you see the same sh*t over and over again?” he said, “But give me some variety. Have people who could actually influence.”

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“We see ten magazines with same sh*t over and over again, we see all the same thing. That’s why Vogue isn’t here. That’s why GQ isn’t here. We don’t have Nylon.”

However, the actor cleared that he wasn’t against any publishing company, he said he was just being honest and his intentions are just to send them a message that the people need something new, and to give the people a chance.

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